Pulmonary, Sleep, and Critical Care Medicine
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Founded in 2000 by Dr. Gregory Feldman, Upstate Lung and Critical Care Specialists, has earned recognition for its excellence. Growing from one pulmonologist to a team of six medical experts, we remain focused on unparalleled healthcare for our community.

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Pulmonary Function Lab
Simple Spirometry
Lung Volumes
Lung Diffusion Capacity
Methacholine Challenge Test
In-Office Services
In Office Services
Yearly Vaccinations
Pulse Oximetry
Digital Chest X-Ray
Sleep Disorder Treatment
Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea
CPAP Treatment
Evaluation/Management of Insomnia
In-Hospital Services
Flexible Bronchoscopy
Rigid Bronchoscopy
Balloon Dilatation
Airway Stent Placement
Electromagnetic Navigation
Ultrasound-Guided Biopsies- EBUS